Nordic Face Planters/ Vases Set


Material – Polyresin

Colours – Black, Cream, Black & Gold, Light Blue, Grey & Gold

Height – Small – 5 inches ; Large – 12 inches

Package Includes Set of 2 Pieces Vases/Planters

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In decorating a space, Vases are the most functional objects to be used, not just admired. A vase can feature an eye-catching, sculptural form in which case it would stand out regardless of the type of flowers you display in it. Highlight its beauty with the right lighting or by placing it in a strategic spot.

The size of the vase must be considered. A large vase can look beautiful if you place it on the floor, in the corner of the room or if you want to use it to display some tall flowers or branches. Small vases can be packed full with color and used as accessories for the dining table or simple to add color to certain parts of a room.

Our Nordic Face Planters are perfect to add an aura of beauty and sophistication. They can be adorned with fresh or faux flowers or kept as they are. They can also be used to store your knick- knacks, jewelry, keys, business cards or serve candies, chocolates etc. Flowers not included in the package.

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