Wreath Design Metal & Crystal Candle Stand with Onyx Marble


Material – Metal, Crystal, Onyx Marble, Glass

Colour – Gold

Height – 15 inches

Package Includes 1 Piece of Candle Stand with Glass

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Candle Stands can be used to enhance or illuminate your space or to give calm positive vibe to any room. They add warmth to your home, please your eyes and senses and set up a serene and romantic mood at any occasion. They add aesthetic value to your candles and avoid wax spillage too.
Our Metal Candle Holders are sturdy enough to safely place your candles anywhere and they can be cleaned easily too. Also, they are a decorative accessory and can be placed anywhere without candles too. You can place wax candles or LED candles in our candle holders.

Product colours may slightly vary from pictures, due to light effects and screen resolution. Product includes glass as shown and does not include candles.


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